Having Troubles Hearing God Speak?

God Is Speaking All The Time

God is speaking all the time, and as a result, we hear him far more than what we realize. However, it’s become a common teaching that if you want to hear God’s voice, than you must have a consistent prayer life. Also, on top of learning how to pray constantly, you must also learn how to be silent for some unknown period of time in order to give God his moments to speak in return. As crazy as it sounds, this practice isn’t taught anywhere in the Bible.

How To Pray

When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray he gave them the “Our Father” template. In it Jesus never teaches the principle of pray, and then be silent so God can have his turn to speak. Gideon prayed and then put the fleece out. Elijah prayed and then fire came down. Jesus prayed and then got up to check on his disciples. The list goes on… The fact is, God speaks all the time, to everyone of us, and in many different ways. The most important part is, are we obeying what he’s saying? We feel a tug to make a decision after he speaks, do we obey? We hear his voice of encouragement while down, do we allow ourselves to believe his words? We hear “Forgive!” do we continue to hold on to grudges?

Does Care Enough To Speak To Me?

One of the worst traps of believing that God isn’t speaking to us is that ultimately I am claiming that he doesn’t care enough to give me clear direction. And if he doesn’t care than he must not love me. And why doesn’t he love me like those who he is speaking to?

What about when you’re hurting and you reach out to God and say something something like, “don’t you care about me God? Can’t you see I’m hurting” and then you hear nothing in return. Does this mean that you did something wrong? Or that you didn’t follow some magic prayer recipe that if followed properly he would’ve heard you and answered? No! God is speaking to you, you just haven’t understood how to tune into his voice, and most likely, this is one of the main reasons you are struggling as deeply as you are.

His Love Is His Voice

Remember, God made everything to sing his praises. He made them to sing out to you and I. He uses this song to speak to us everyday through his creation. Think about it this way, he’s the one who gave us our five senses to enjoy all that he’s made. He set the sun in the afternoon sky to give us its glowing colors. He made the birds to sing their beautiful songs so we could hear and enjoy them. He made the snow to glisten in the sunlight. The flowers to give us wonderful smells and all their vibrant colors. The different foods with their amazing tastes to enjoy. He could have just placed us on a bare rock and then said, “love me, love each other, and obey my words”, but he didn’t. He made all that he did so that we could enjoy this life, and see him in all of it. This is God speaking to you, all of the time!

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