The Struggle

The Struggle is Real

Right now, I find myself in a state of struggle. Even though I look at my life and see so many blessings, I still see me and all of my weaknesses. It’s a struggle, because on one hand I’m thankful that I’m not in denial, I’m acknowledging that my struggles are real, but on the other, they rob my peace. Like many of you, I too allow my weaknesses to define my day, my mood, and ultimately my future. I find myself thinking things like, “all of what you think God is doing in you is a joke because you’re just not good enough.”

How This Hinders Us

Once I allow this way of thinking to really set in, I’m a mess of disbelief and uneasiness. But then, God sends me reminders. He allows me to see that I’m not alone in the struggle. I talk to friends, log onto Facebook, I read your encouraging words and I see that many of you are going through it too. God is working in all of us, trying to help us see ourselves the way he does… humans who are struggling because of the sin in this world, but yet Christians who are willing to continue to put him back on top in spite of it all. “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

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