When Love Sets You Free

8F173430-38FC-4480-A682-2AA03D8D9B67Why Did God Make It So Difficult 

I’ve often asked myself the question, “why is it so impossible to live a life free from sin!?” This question typically ends up leading to the statement, “I’m not perfect and I never will be”, and that way of thinking can easily turn into an excuse.

Like the guy who struggles with porn… When he’s been good for a long time and not looked at porn, a little voice speaks up and says, “You’ve been a good boy for a long time now, you deserve a little look, you’re not perfect anyway and we all make mistakes!” All of us have worn that excuse out. So claiming to not be perfect never works.

Being Perfect

I know it’s crazy but Jesus said in Matthew 5:48, “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” I don’t think when he said the words “be perfect” he meant “without flaw”, that would be impossible. What I believe he means is, “to have a heart that above all else desires to please God, and to be filled with love”; love towards God and love towards each other. When I desire to deeply love porn is no longer a treat I deserve for being a good boy. God can help me see that girl as one of his created beings who is hurting inside. He can make my heart break for her rather then be filled with lust.

Free From Sin

I am slowly learning that trying to live “sin free“ will never happen, so I will ask God to help me to love deeper then I ever have before. Love will always cost me something, while running around trying not to sin doesn’t cost me anything.

Love buys my coworker lunch, trying not to sin doesn’t. Love leads to deeper friendships, trying not to sin doesn’t. Love leads to my being a better husband and father, trying not to sin doesn’t. Love leads to food in the mouths of the hungry, trying not to sin doesn’t. Love leads to the woman caught up in the sex slave trade finally having a husband who loves and respects her, and trying not to sin doesn’t. Trying to live free from sin is the cheep, easy, and empty way to stay pure, while love is the deep and rich way. Love sets the captive free, and if I decide to apply it to my life, it will set me free as well.

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.” 1Peter 4:8