“I’m Still Here” -Jesus

Woke up this morning but still in a dream
Thought I heard your voice but that just can’t be
Went to my knees to find some peace
Are you still here?

Woke the kids up and got them dressed
We prayed together and hoped for the best
Off to school to face another day, what will they learn
Are you still here?

Went to work and did my job
Had to hide my face when the tears began to fall
Got to make a living to feed my family
Are you still here?

On my way to get the kids
I wait by the school and hope their day was good
Out they come, are they happy or sad
Time to get the home work done
Are you still here?

We play some games and eat some pizza
We draw pictures and talk about the day
The questions, where do they come from
They are growing up so fast
Are you still here?

It’s time for bed, and this is tough
I hold them close and share my love
They have become my happiness
We pray to you they pray for me
Then we pray for our whole family
Are you still here?

Now I am alone
With thoughts to myself
The pain creeps in, and like darkness, it covers me
It screams in my ears, it’s all I can hear
The tears wet my cheeks as the room closes in around me
Are you still here?

Then I hear a voice
It’s soft and sweet
Tender as the new spring day
The words are like life to this broken vessel
He wipes the tears away with nail pierced hand
I hear Him clearly as He says
“I am still here”